Project Description

Wyatt was born prematurely at 27 weeks.  He spent the first 5 1/2 Months of his life in the hospital, as well as several other shorter stays. We still attend many appointments in the Edmonton area as Wyatt is followed closely for Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS), Cerebral Palsy (the result of an extensive bilateral PVL brain injury), and Chronic Lung Damage. Our tablet donated by iKare4Kids has helped us keep track of Wyatt’s medical files & appointments. This mobile electronic device has help Wyatt with learning speech so that we can communicate with him more effectively.  What I love most about it though, is the comfort it provides to Wyatt.  “Baby Shark” or “The Wiggles” helps to provide relief to him during those long, anxious appointment or ER waits. iKare4Kids is a fantastic organization that goes above and beyond, and we are so grateful!

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