Donate a Device

If you or someone you know has a ‘gently used’ iPad and/or tablet collecting dust in the corner of your house, OR are you planning on getting a new updated device for your children for a birthday, OR received a new device over Christmas and don’t know what to do with the old one? Do you know of a company that is planning to update their current devices? We can find a very special home for the old ones!!!

download our donated device form

Accessories in good condition are appreciated with your donation: cases, protective covers, chargers, AC Adapters, wireless keyboards, mouse.

**All gently used donated devices are examined by a professional IT Technician, following the manufacturers standard operating procedures, to ensure all personal information is removed from the device and that it is in good working order, prior to being repurposed to an iKare4Kids family.

Donated Device Requirements

To ensure we can use your device, and to protect your privacy, you must carry out the following actions before donating. WE CANNOT USE YOUR DONATION IF THESE STEPS ARE NOT COMPLETED.