Our Story

We all enjoy new technology like iPads and tablets. The dilemma is what to do with these gently used devices when you have upgraded? Send them to the landfill or let them sit and gather dust?

What if we told you those gently used iPads and tablets could be repurposed to a sick or injured child, whose family cannot afford one?

My name is Deanna Hagen and I am the Founder of iKare4Kids. I was shocked to learn of the technology barriers that families faced while they were in crisis with their critically ill, injured or disabled child! The very first family that received a gently used iPad from iKare4Kids were displaced from their rural home, forced into a strange city, disconnected from their family and friends, with no means of income, while at their critically ill 2.5-year-old son’s hospital bedside. This donation improved the family’s communication with the medical team, helped them manage electronic treatment plans, apply for financial assistance, and video chat with their other family at home. The iPad also helped entertain the child and provided distraction during medical procedures. They were touched that our community cared about them while they were on this difficult medical journey.

This experience opened my eyes and I learned that technology poverty was more common than I realized, hence, I began iKare4Kids in 2015 to help address this inequality. For many of us, iPads/tablets are a luxury and for many, they are a NECESSITY!

What does iKare4Kids mean to the Edmonton community?

Not only do we help support local Edmonton children and families, but we help support families from all across the country, as far away as Nova Scotia that come to Edmonton for treatment, at our world-renowned facilities, such as the Stollery Children’s hospital.

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