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Our Mission

Bring joy, connection and improve mental wellness to children receiving medical treatment.

iKare4Kids Society strives to eliminate technology poverty to every underprivileged and/or marginalized child, experiencing a difficult medical journey.



iKare4Kids repurposes and distributes donated new and/or gently used portable wireless electronic devices ( to wit: iPads/tablets) and accessories, to critically ill, injured and/or disabled children, whose families are in financial need, to help reduce the stress and bring some joy, as the child is receiving treatment during their medical journey.

These devices provide affordable online access to critical medical services, vital community and family connections, continued online schooling, distractions during medical procedures, and improve mental wellness of the child.

iKare4Kids helped us when we were all feeling so lost. The communication for our family during this tragic time was nonexistent until you stepped in to help. The communication was beneficial to his healing process and helped keep all files in one place. It reduced the effects of PTSD by playing relaxation music so Mac could have a sound sleep. Thank you for your help and it will never be forgotten.

Rumbolt and McNeil family

Our son is in a wheelchair and cannot go outside as much as he wants.  The tablet will help him to do something on his own, and we can use it to store his medical records. I know he will enjoy it very much. Thank you from all of our family. God bless.


The iKare4Kids tablet donation has helped us most in areas where Wyatt is not permitted to leave a seat/bed, such as blood work, EEG, casting, wait times, etc. It is also very useful when we are putting him to sleep with his mask on. We give him the choice of which Netflix show he wants to fall asleep to, which empowers him to take control of something throughout his medical journey!

Cherish Lehman

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