Project Description

Winter was born at 38 weeks at the Misericordia Hospital and quickly transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.  Her birth happened after a few days of mom, Wynonna, not feeling her move much.

At the NICU, it was determined that Winter incurred a brain injury with the cause unknown, however the doctors believe that this injury is not the only reason for her condition. Her condition has left her with an inability to swallow, a chance of seizures, and significant stiffness in her arms and legs among many other symptoms. After many consults with other doctors, there is still no official diagnosis or treatment plan.

“As I have a one year old at home, I often feel the stress of not being with her.  When I do go home, I worry about Winter and what is happening with her.  The tablet my family has received will allow me to communicate with my one year old when I am in Edmonton with Winter, and check in with Winter on NICU view when I am at home with my one year old. I can also use the tablet to do research on resources that I will need for Winter as she grows. As I currently am without a phone, this tablet will give me the ability to communicate with my family as well.”

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