Project Description

Teddy was born with multiple heart defects. In his short 3.5 years, he has spent 249 days as an inpatient, he has endured: 3 thoracic surgeries; 8 open heart surgeries; 16 cardiac catheters; cardiac arrest; 2 rounds of ECMO life support and countless other procedures. During a 7-month hospital stay, Teddy lost the use of his left lung resulting in him needing oxygen to help keep up with being a busy active toddler. Because of this and other complications we moved from Winnipeg to Edmonton to provide better care for Teddy’s special heart. We are currently awaiting results for the next step in his care, whether it be surgery or possibly a heart transplant. We want to thank iKare4Kids for providing this tablet, it has helped Teddy cope at his appointments and during hospital stays, it has provided a means of entertainment while stuck inside during cold & flu season and ultimately it gives him an ability to focus outside of his environment which relaxes and calms his anxieties.

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