Project Description

Half way through our pregnancy, tests revealed that one of our twin babies, Ryder, had a Tetralogy of Fallot, a serious congenital heart defect that consist of four problems (VSD, Pulmonary Stenosis, RV Hypertrophy and Overriding Aorta). When Ryder was born in March 2018, he wasn’t breathing and had to be resuscitated.  When his twin brother Road was born, he had a mild medical condition (hypospadias).

At 2 months old, Ryder had his first open heart surgery, which was a success.  At 7 months old, his brother, Roan, had his surgery to repair his hypospadias, which was also a success.

We were making weekly visits out of town for treatment, to discuss surgery, aftercare, and living arrangements so the gently used iPad donated by iKare4Kids helped tremendously! The boys could listen to music, be distract and be comforted during these difficult times. We still face many more years of follow up appointments and aftercare.  We are so thankful to have the iPad; there will be so many more uses for it as the boys grow up.

Our family is so grateful to receive this support from these people that we don’t even know, through iKare4Kids!

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