Project Description

Reuben was diagnosed with Gastroschisis at week twenty of his mom’s pregnancy. He was born early at thirty-three weeks with part of his intestines outside of his body.

Reuben’s bowls were damaged to the degree that they could not absorb the nutrients that his body needed, nor were they able to coordinate regular digestive movements. As Reuben was not able to absorb nutrition as a normal baby he ate through intravenous nutrition and daily doses of love.  To this day Reuben still has a very restricted diet.

Reuben has had five surgeries and spent ten months in the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Reuben is now discharged! Currently he is recovering and waiting for his intestines to adapt, HOWEVER he is gaining weight and enjoying life as a champ.

The tablet donated by iKare4Kids has comforted and distracted Rueben throughout his difficult and tedious medical procedures. It has also been a window to the outside world, a colorful and sweet song for him. We are immensely grateful to iKare4Kids and everyone that supports this program!

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