Project Description

Nash was born with a heart defect called shones complex. Basically, the left side of his heart is small. Because of this, he developed pulmonary hypertension. He actually stopped breathing, went blue and we had to do CPR on him.  The cardiologists in Saskatoon sent us to Edmonton for a heart cath procedure on May 7 and we have been here ever since.

Nash underwent 1 open heart surgery when he was 15 days old and 2 more trying to fix the left side of his heart.  When nothing helped, Nash was assessed and placed on the heart transplant list. 2 weeks later, he deteriorated and needed to be placed on a left ventricular device (LVAD) to help his heart pump. Since then he has actually put weight on, learned to sit up on his own and even started going into his jolly jumper.   But the LVAD does not come without its risks. Nash has had 1 blood infection, 2 gastrointestinal bleeds, major feeding troubles and multiple clots cut out from his LVAD circuit.

Despite all of this, Nash is just the happiest kid around. He loves his parents and he loves visiting people in the ICU (his home until he receives a new heart). We are so grateful that he is still with us and can’t wait until he is wire and tube free, so he can run around.  Even with a new heart, Nash will have many, many appointments and echo’s and the iPad will be such an asset during those times.  (Especially face-timing with the grandparents).

We are so grateful to iKare4Kids for donating an iPad to Nash!

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