Project Description

Bentley was born in May with hypo-plastic left heart syndrome. Bentley was 4 day’s old when he had his first open heart surgery. We were in the hospital after birth from May 4 until July 16. Between July and November 10 when he had his second surgery, we made numerous trips to Edmonton, one which included an emergency cardiac catheterization. His second surgery wasn’t a very long stay and then we were back home again. We were back and forth to the hospital every two weeks for checkups for the first year and a half. After that it was every month. One way trip to the hospital is 2.5 hours which seems like forever to an infant/toddler. His third surgery was done in June of 2018. When we received the news that Bentley was receiving an iPad, we were over the moon. It keeps him occupied and happy on the long road trips to the hospital and appointments. We still have trips for appointments every couple of months and the iPad is a life saver for not only Bentley but for us, the parents, as well.

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